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Privacy policy

The JBS Privacy Policy is part of our commitment to guaranteeing the security and privacy of user information collected via the interactive services available here.


Website visitors can find out more about our services, read reports and obtain news and information without providing their personal details.

Any information users provide will be collected and retained in accordance with rigorous security and non-disclosure standards.

Personal details provided by users will be collected using ethical and legal methods and with the visitor’s express consent. You can browse the JBS website without providing your personal details.

Contact form

You can also contact us to request additional information about the company. Visitors who fill out the form in the “contact” section will be asked to provide their details, including their name, surname and email address. These details will be used to reply to your contact and/or question.


For administrative purposes, we may use “cookies” (*) and users can activate browser mechanisms at any time to inform them when cookies are activated or to stop their activation.

Data privacy

Users will be advised of which information will be collected before collection takes place and the user is responsible for choosing whether or not to provide this information and will be made aware of the consequences of that decision.

Unless we are required to do so by law or court order, your information will never be made available to third parties or used for any purpose other than that for which it was collected.

Access to the information we collect is restricted to employees authorized to make appropriate use of the information. Employees who misuse this information in violation of this Privacy Policy are subject to JBS disciplinary procedures.

This website contains links or frames from other sites which may or may not be our partners. These links and frames are only provided to improve the user experience. We note that including these links and frames does not mean that we are aware of or agree with or have any control over the content on these websites or are in any way liable for them or their respective content. Therefore, we are not liable for any loss or injury suffered as a result of using the aforementioned links or frames.

Whenever we contract other organizations to provide operational support services that may have access to users’ personal details, we require these contractors and their employees to undertake the same duty of confidentiality and non-disclosure.

(*) Cookie: a small file placed on your computer to track website browsing.
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