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Food Safety

Trusted from the source with Quality and Safety

JBS has strict processes throughout its production chain to guarantee the quality, health, safety and sustainability of all its products.

With a robust protocol certified by a third-party company and a specialized internal evaluation committee, JBS audits for more 20 key control points on farms and at the plant level.

JBS’s Supply Chain Protocol aims to meet or exceed the industry recognized standards and best practices to ensure quality and safety from the source. Our plants are regularly audit by third party companies under BRC rules and are Halal approved.

We are also certified to produce Organic beef products under a USDA NOP program.


Constantly audited and widely certified plants.
Certificated Supply Chain
Certificated USDA organic
Certificated BRC Food
Supply Chain JBS has developed its own third-party validated protocol addressing international standards and requirements of common interest to all customers and markets served by the company. The certifier chosen for the project is SBC (Brazilian Certification Service
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